Peppermint Punch: 4 c. heavy whipping cream, 3 c. milk, 2 c. Baileys Irish Cream, 2 c. Rumple Mintze (peppermint schnapps) - mix in punch bowl, add ice as needed

Peppermint Punch

A crisp, refreshing holiday punch recipe for adults.

A variety of boutonnieres

Boutonnieres and Corsages Galore

The third week of the basic floral design course I’m taking was dedicated to personal flowers. We made a few projects in class, and I made some more for practice at home!

Louis Rhead [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Back to Robin Hood

Yes folks, here it is – another post referencing a Disney classic, the illustrious Robin Hood. Oo-de-lally! I haven’t seen this movie in years, and as a child I never paid much attention to Little John’s question, “Are we good guys or bad guys? You know, I mean the ‘our robbing the rich to feed the poor’.”