How Would You Be Different?

I think it’s too bad that more men and women can’t have the same experience and following epiphany. We’re told at a young age not to judge a book by its cover, but in so many other ways we’re taught just the opposite. And it isn’t until the same sort of unique, ‘out of body,’ if you will, experience such as Mr. Hoffman’s that people can start to break free from their perspectives. For now, Mr. Hoffman will remain another male feminist hero. Advertisements Continue reading How Would You Be Different?

War and Gender Links Often we think of gender inequality as a ‘third world’ problem and forget that it is something that we can see anywhere, every day. This link is interesting because it shows how security issues, even if the developed world where we supposedly have gender equality, effect men and women differently. Some very interesting reading material. I must confess that I have not gotten through all of it yet, however, The Parliamentarians Guide was a great introduction. So is the Participation Promise Take a good look at the “Women, Peace and Security Handbook.” Continue reading War and Gender Links