Are we all just electrons?

Black Holes + Wormholes = Quantum Answers – The physicists have apparently been busy lately with the whole, trying to figure what this universe is actually made of thing. According to this article from NPR, new research could change the way we think about space-time. Perhaps it’s not so much of a continuum after all… it could be just as quantifiable, aka “quantum,” or “divisible,” as the rest of the universe. All thanks to the idea of entanglement. Continue reading Are we all just electrons?

How Would You Be Different?

I think it’s too bad that more men and women can’t have the same experience and following epiphany. We’re told at a young age not to judge a book by its cover, but in so many other ways we’re taught just the opposite. And it isn’t until the same sort of unique, ‘out of body,’ if you will, experience such as Mr. Hoffman’s that people can start to break free from their perspectives. For now, Mr. Hoffman will remain another male feminist hero. Continue reading How Would You Be Different?

An Article on How Progressive the American Tax Code Is

“Taxes and the rich: Looking at all the taxes” What I found most intriguing about this article is that it makes the point that if we want to talk about taxes and tax reform, we need to look at the whole picture. Looking at just the numbers related to “income” is not enough because the rich have a lot of sources of money that don’t get taxed because they don’t count as income. Plus, the income tax isn’t the only thing that comes out of people’s paychecks- there’s payroll taxes for Social Security that the rich get to skirt. Good food for thought, anyway. Continue reading An Article on How Progressive the American Tax Code Is