What is Community Service?

Suffolk’s public schools are considering making community service (50 hours) mandatory for high school students. They’ve considered making exceptions for transfer students, or those with extenuating circumstances, but that’s not the issue I have with the proposal.

The problem I have is with the general principle of the thing.

If community service is mandatory, is it really still community service? Continue reading “What is Community Service?”


Harvest: An Examination and Application of Definitions and Connotations

The word harvest may not mean what you think it means. In this article I explore the word’s origins and then apply the meaning to Rep. Scott Rigell’s recent announcement regarding permitting drilling for oil off the coast of Virginia. I do not think it is fair to the word harvest to use it in such a context. I believe other words are more appropriate and promote a stance that views our energy needs in terms of harnessing rather than owning. Continue reading Harvest: An Examination and Application of Definitions and Connotations

More on Rigell and Congressional Reform

Rep. Scott Rigell sent out his ‘Wisdom of the District’ poll about Congressional reform on Jan. 11. (That’s when it popped up in my inbox.) The next day I posted in my blog about it, saying why I did not like the poll and none of the options felt like they would really bring about long-term, successful reform. Jan. 16th, Rigell and Rep. Reid Ribble, representing Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District, ran an op-ed in Politico titled “How to reform a failing Congress.” Jan. 17th, Rigell sent out an email about the article, ‘In Case You Missed It.’

I had missed it, in fact, so I read it as soon as I had a moment. I was honestly looking forward to hearing his arguments and reasoning. Unfortunately, the article is not as illuminating as I had hoped.

Well, gentle reader, I promised I would keep you informed if I heard anything further from the land of Rigell about the issue of Congressional reform. Now I present it and my thoughts to you. Continue reading “More on Rigell and Congressional Reform”

Follow Up on Campus Safety

After I emailed my letter concerning campus safety to the office of President Broderick I received a fairly standard email in reply. They thanked me for my concern and assured me that my email would be forwarded to the proper administrator. At least I got a proper response, yet still I wondered if anyone had really taken it to heart. Last week another student was shot just off campus. We received the standard ODU Alert, at 3 in the morning, shortly after it happened, and then yesterday we got the following follow-up email: “Dear ODU Community: “As many of you … Continue reading Follow Up on Campus Safety

Old Dominion University- Safety Concerns

The President of Old Dominion University sent out the following email to the ODU community: Dear ODU Community: Yesterday, two Old Dominion University administrators and our Police Chief talked at length with a reporter from The Virginian-Pilot for a story on the complex issues surrounding safety in off-campus neighborhoods. The conversation was a good one and it brought to light the need to perhaps further clarify some of those challenges and opportunities directly with the campus community. Additionally, as a result of feedback from students, parents, faculty and staff, I’d want to provide some specific details of the additional security … Continue reading Old Dominion University- Safety Concerns