Basic Floral Design Course – The Exam – Part 1

The process for the exam arrangement differed slightly from the rest of the designs we made in class. Typically we would watch as the instructor made and explained a design and then did our best to replicate it. For the exam, we prepped 3 buckets of flowers and greens, as well as a basket with foam, during the review class, and then the day of the exam we were given 1 hour to create a design, using any of the materials we saw fit.

We also had to keep track of everything we used and then calculate the retail price based on the prices of the materials. The design I created below would cost about $110 if bought from a shop:

Upon evaluation I was complimented on my use of transitioning and advised that the lower points of the triangle may have worked better as a lighter color that did not fade into the background quite so much.

Just for fun, when I took the piece home, I experimented with the advise, to see how yellow would have worked for the points instead. Here are the results:


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