A Handful of Energy Links

I would like to share some interesting information about energy and the environment.

Debate Surrounds Race to Export America’s Natural Gas by Bill Lascher
This is an interesting article about the debates surrounding the issue of the export of American natural gas. Lascher argues that market volatility will mean that energy prices will not go down as companies export liquefied natural gas (LNG). He notes that the high prices outside the US are not guaranteed to last. Others think that the energy surplus should be kept within the borders of the US to keep domestic energy costs down. The Sierra Club referenced the article in their Natural Gas Reform Campaign. I was disappointed because I hoped to find evidence substantiating their claim that natural gas had a carbon footprint as dirty of coal, but I uncovered no such proof.

New Report – Coal Use Shrinks While Clean Energy Expands by Bruce Nilles
The Sierra Club celebrates a report from the US Energy Information Agency (EIA) which confirms that the US is moving away from coal as an energy source. The report indicates that from 2010 to 2035 the use of clean energy will increase from 10 to 16 percent. Considering where we could be, I guess this is a victory, but I cannot help but feel there is so much room for improvement. It feels like a small victory in a grand battle. Follow this link if you are interested in reading the full report for yourself.

How Dependent Are We On Foreign Oil?
If you are interested in US consumption of foreign oil, I suggest you check out this brief published by the EIA. I found it interesting that half of all foreign imports come from outside the western hemisphere, and counts for about a quarter of US petroleum consumption. Foreign oil consumption has declined since peaking in 2005, and the EIA cites the economic downturn, increases in efficiency, and changes in consumer behavior as contributing factors.


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