Budget Commitee

So after all the debating Congress has finally decided to get to work on fixing America’s budget problems. I heard about it on the radio, but I ended up being more depressed about all of the problems than ever.

Mostly what set me off were the comments of Mitch McConnell. According to the Global Post, “Mitch McConnell told ABC News on Tuesday that he was “very close” to choosing his three committee members. According to ABC News: McConnell said that his criteria for his Republican picks is someone not only “well grounded philosophically,” but also who are “willing to accept something less than the absolute perfect solution,” as the Republican Party only controls 1/3 of the government, the House of Representatives.”

First, I don’t want someone who is well grounded philosophically, I want someone who is just well rounded.

Second, I would like for someone to explain to me how the Republican party can control 1/3 of the government when all they control is the House of Representatives, which is, by the way, the lower house of Congress. Last time I checked there was the executive branch, controlled by Obama, a Democrat; the judicial branch, which I don’t think could be said to be controlled by anyone; and the legislative branch (Congress), which consists of two houses, one controlled by each party. So I think at most one could say that Republicans control 1/4 of the government.

Finally, and most importantly of all, I am thoroughly upset by his assumption that the outcome of the committee would be “something less than the absolute perfect solution.” Doesn’t he realize that a compromise IS the perfect solution? How vain is he to think that his idea of how things should be run, or even the party’s idea of how things should be run, a party which he admits does not have the full run of the government, is the perfect solution? Just because the outcome isn’t exactly what you wanted going into the discussion does not mean it isn’t perfect. I think that goes for both parties, and every side of every issue. If everyone’s egos in Washington are that big, then no wonder there is no room to get anything done!

All of this brings me to another article which I found very interesting because it ties into my thoughts about the tyranny of the minority: Maria Cordona’s article about the “Tyranny of 87.” Our government was founded on the principle that the majority should not have ultimate power of the minority, yet somehow the minority is able to tyrannize over the majority. Special interests (with big mouths and big budgets) are able to change the debate and dominate the political sphere, while pushing out all the reasonable, rational people who actually put the national interest first. It is tragic, and I would really like to know of a way to make it stop.


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